Ibanez Prestige RGT3170 Vintage Violin Neck Thru!

$ 1850.00

Selling a very cool and hard to come by neck through Ibanez RGT3170. Really stunning guitar, and one of the few Prestige Ibanezes you’ll find with a neck through design. Plays like an absolute dream. Totally stock, gorgeous flame top and headstock cap, and in really fantastic condition for a 20 year old guitar – has some dings here and there but nothing too bad at all. I don’t have the original Prestige case – I imported this from Canada in a gig bag – but it’ll come with a black Gator hardshell case. Comes with the tremolo bar.

Why am I selling? Only because I recently picked up a Tom Anderson Angel 7, and frankly I don’t think I ever want to play anything else. If you’re interested In upgrades, I bought a matched set of Bare Knuckle Ragnarok pickups with a Trilogy middle pickup that I had planned to swap in – shoot me a message if interested and we can talk price for the pickups as well. Thanks!