Ibanez Prestige RG2127X 2001 – Transparent Black Flat

$ 4175.47


Extremely rare, Japan only Ibanez Prestige model with the double locking trem with piezo pickups. The RG2127X was the Japan only version of the RG2027X and only a few were made. These guitars are considered to be extremely resonant due to the very thin satin finish. The body is mahogany and the neck is a beautiful 3 piece maple that plays like butter. The finish is a nice deep wine red matte finish.

This particular piece is in good condition as you can see the plastic covers are still on the back cavity panels. There are a few blemishes as pictured, however do not affect playability. The guitar sounds dark and heavy and the piezos add a very resonant acoustic tone. The fretboard is a no nonsense piece of dark rosewood and the no inlay appearance (except for 12th fret) gives into the dark metal tone of the guitar.

The guitar will be shipped in a padded gigbag. Shipping is available worldwide. Please ask for a quote.