Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature Electric Guitar – Chrome Boy

$ 5499.99

Hardshell Case Included

2023 marks the 35th anniversary of the Ibanez JS line, the iconic signature guitar series of world-renowned multi-platinum recording artist and guitarist Joe Satriani. To commemorate this very special anniversary, Joe and Ibanez have collaborated once again to release the new Ibanez JS3CR. The JS3CR takes inspiration from the entire legacy of the JS line, and its specs illustrate Joe’s desire to create a new model that both nods to the past while also embracing new innovations. It features the classic 22-fret JS neck of the original JS models, along with return of the two full-sized humbucker pickup configuration. The Ibanez JS3CR also features the return of a basswood body in the chrome-finished JS lineup. The DiMarzio Satchur8 bridge and PAF Pro neck pickup combination was carefully chosen by Joe in order to offer the best tonal combination with the JS3CR’s basswood body. The combination of specs and aesthetics help the JS3CR become the modern day successor to one of Joe’s most beloved and recognized guitars, his JS “Chrome Boy”.