Ibanez JEM77WDP-CNL Steve Vai Signature Premium 6 String Rh Electric Guitar In Charcoal Brown Low Gloss

$ 1813.88

Premium quality JEM77WDP Wooden Pickguard, Maple/Walnut Premium neck, and Monkey Grip.

The Ibanez JEM77WDP-CNL is a Steve Vai Signature Premium 6 String Right Hand Electric Guitar in Charcoal Brown Low Gloss.


  • Premium Neck: Smooth, fast & comfortable, the JEM Maple/Walnut Premium neck.
  • Tree of Life Inlay
  • Monkey Grip: One of JEM’s most recognizable features: Steve Vai’s signature monkey grip. Crank your amp up, grab that baby and hold on for dear life.
  • JEM77WDP Wooden Pickguard
  • DiMarzio® Dark Matter 2™ Pickups: Steve Vai’s Signature JEM77WDP is equipped with the amazing DiMarzio® Dark Matter 2™ pickups in all positions.