Ibanez JEM77-FP Steve Vai Signature 1988 – Black Floral Pattern

$ 3631.11

This is a rare Ibanez Jem 77 FP electric guitar, the signature model of Steve Vai from 1988. The guitar features a beautiful floral body colour with a solid body type made from basswood. It has a 24-fret rosewood fretboard and a maple neck material. 

Serial Number: 884133

The Jem 77 FP is a right-handed 6-string guitar from the Ibanez JEM series, with a string configuration that delivers exceptional sound quality. This 1988 model is a valuable addition to any electric guitar collection and is perfect for live performances and recording sessions.

There are minor dents on the body and cracks in the paint.

There are general signs of use such as scratches and dullness of parts.

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