Ibanez Jem DNA canvas 2000 – Dna

$ 4200.00

Darren, at About Time Designs, used leftover blood from Steve Vai’s donation to the Ibanez Jem, limited edition DNA run, and made 150 canvases, in addition to the 300 guitars that were dipped/swirled.
This is #5 of the 150.
I’ve scoured the web, looking for recent, relevant info, and can’t really find any. The guitars originally listed at $10,000 I believe, and at the time of this listing, 2 are up for $25-28k.
I recently lost a beloved pet, and just need to recoup the medical costs, so this is your chance to own some of Steve’s dried up DNA, for MUCH cheaper than the guitars.
It’s 20×24” (I believe…. I just measured it earlier today. I should have written it down 🙄).

I’m only listing this to pay off a bit of credit card debt.
I fully understand the difference between worth, and value. I’m hoping someone’s sense of worth will align with my purpose on selling this awesome piece, and we can come to an arrangement.
Here’s a rare opportunity to own some of that mystical Ibanez DNA mojo, without having to auction off a kidney.
Shipping to lower 48 US states, only.