Ibanez JEM 7V SBL / Stainless Steel Frets / PLEK / Edge / Steve Vai PIA Blue

$ 2587.80

The limited edition JEM 7VSBL with alder body and sparke blue finish that was shortly available in 2002-2004. Made in FugjiGen, Japan. With amazing upgrades:

– Edge Pro bridge is replaced with brand new Ibanez Edge bridge in Cosmo Black finish, that matches the color of hardware of the guitar. It’s the same model that Vai and Satriani always use in all their ibanez guitars.

– The neck is professionally refretted with Jumbo Stainless Steel frets (.110 x 0.55). These are the same height as stock 6105, but slightly wider. Same exact size that Steve Vai currently uses in all his ibanez guitars, including original EVO, FLO and PIA. The Jumbo frets make bending and vibrato easier for the fingers.

– Premium full fretwork service with the use of ultra precise PLEK machine. The refret and full PLEK service are both done by TomoGuitars in Poland.

There are some scratches and marks on the plastic white pickguard – see the pictures. The body wood and neck are in very good condition.

Feel free to ask any questions. Postage in EU with DPD. For postage outside EU, please ask me first.