Ibanez JEM 7 VWH 2007 White Steve Vai Rosewood Fretboard with Original Case

$ 2265.73

Here is very good condition no longer made JEM 7 VWH, the one Steve uses the most. Very nice 2007 jem with a lot of bling bling like gold hardware, abalone and mother of pearl fretboard vine inlay. Plays very fast and comfortable. The tone on these is amazing. The Dimarzio Evolution pick-ups are high output monsters and produce a fat high gain tone, but also that famous sparkly funky clean when the singlecoils are used. The tremolo is a monster, almost impossible to get this guitar out of tune, even after many hours of rockin´. The original hardcase is, some plastic parts are already starting to age into yellow, some finishwear and some gold on the hardware is faded.