Ibanez IMG2010 and Roland GR 700 1986

$ 1500.00

This combo is an unbelievable find. Check the video below. A complete functioning guitar synth controller and synth module from the mid 80s. The guitar plays amazingly well. Great intonation and easy action. The synth cable is clearly duct taped at both ends to promote stability in performance environments. I wouldn’t attempt to remove the tape. The Roland GR 700 synth module works as well. Again, see the demo link in the photos. I plugged the guitar in through the synth cable only and took the guitar out from the synth module and ran it into a guitar amp. The stereo output from the synth went into a mixer and into studio monitors. The mix is from my phone in the room. No tricks.

As a young punk about 30 years ago I painted it all flat black because the weird minty-green guitar offended my sense of coolness. Was I wrong? You be the judge. This rig is part of 1990’s Detroit rock and roll history. The guitar has been played and there are signs of wear expected of a nearly 40 year old guitar. It hasn’t been played much in the past few decades though. It’s not pretty, but the rig does work. I make no guarantee of fitness for touring, but this setup is functional.

I am looking for a local pickup purchase. Contact me if you want me to consider shipping. It will be expenseive since there will be multiple boxes. The GR 700 synth is heavier than the guitar.