Ibanez Iceman STM1 Sam Totman Signature Series Dragonforce

$ 1178.63

Excellent condition, mostly unplayed. The only flaw I can find is the small chip in the clear coat near the 7th fret marker as pictured.

These Iceman are special because of the 5 piece maple/Walnut through body necks. Its fast and gorgeous. You can see it in the STM2 which was in trans blue (pictured). Dimarzio Evolution humbuckers. Low profile Edge III trem. Comes with fit hardshell case. Look around, they are very rare. This one works exactly as it should.

Inquire for shipping outside of NA

The STM1 is an  solid body electric guitar model introduced by  in 2008. It is a  model of British guitarist , known for his work with the power metal band DragonForce. It was the first STM model and introduced in 2008 along with the new signature model of his fellow band member Herman Li, the .

The STM1 is based on the  , but has some special refinements for Sam Totman: mainly the DiMarzio Evolution pickups, a double locking tremolo and special inlays. Other features include a neck through body construction with mahogany body wings, and a Wizard II neck shape.