Ibanez IC200 Iceman || IC50 Mods w/ Dimarzio DP290N || 2004 MIK

$ 599.00

Very cool Ibanez Iceman from 2004. These IC200s were only made for a couple of years 2003-05. This one has some great upgrades. First of all, a third pot has been added to make it configured with two volumes (one for each pickup) and a tone. The three way switch remains the same. This is just like the configuration of the late 1970s and early 80s Ibanez IC50 models.

The pickups have also been vastly improved over the originals. The neck pickup is an Epiphone 57 Classic. (This is modeled after the Gibson 57 Classic pickup but made in China.) The bridge pickup is a fantastic Dimarzio DP290N Fortitude pickup. The Fortitude™ Bridge is based on Dimarzio’s PAF® 36th Anniversary Bridge with a few modifications. The clarity of a vintage sounding humbucker allows it to cut through with different tunings and high gain. It is a favorite of Joe Duplantier who helped design it. It has a boost at 160Hz of about 1.5db, a touch more low-end, and a notch down around 500/600Hz. The Fortitude™ Bridge features vintage tone with a twist.

From there, you have a fantastic playing Iceman profile neck. The body has a few scuffs and a touched up ding on the upper bout. But it plays great. The neck pocket is clean. The black and chrome look is classic. Take a close look at all pictures and let me know if you have any questions.