Ibanez Gio miKro – upgrades and gigbag

$ 250.00

22.2″ short-scale guitar. Custom pickguard with DiMarzio Air Classic pickups. Pickups are a cream color but were painted white to better match the guitar. Some paint has come off the neck pickup and a bit off the bridge, too.

Currently set up with 11s which still bend pretty easy due to the short scale length. If you want, I can throw in a set of Ernie Ball 10s, but you’re responsible for changing strings and re-intonating. If you don’t tell me you want the 10s I’ll assume you don’t want them and won’t include them. String trees replaced with nonbinding trees. Headstock stripped and painted white.

Replaced the stock 3-way switch with 3 micro-switches. Wired so each humbucker can be in series (up), single coil (middle), or parallel (down).

A crack in the finish on the back and a few scratches and imperfections here and there, nothing terrible. Took pictures of the worst of them.

Pickups sound great, I’d keep them if I still had the stock pickups, but I sold them a while back.

Nothing wrong with it, my hands are just too fat to fit on the neck so I never play it. Brand new gigbag included, $50 value.

Local pickup much preferred and can adjust price accordingly.