Ibanez Gio GAX70 2001 Natural

$ 400.00

This guitar was made in 2001 it’s a really good guitar for a base model/starter guitar! It hangs with/if not better then 2,000$ guitars!! Sounds crazy but I’ve got a few duds over the years!! This isn’t one!! That’s why it has hung around this long!!
Probably 8.5 lbs. has upgraded Grover tuners(100$) And Seymour Duncan Saturday Night Special pickups(200$)
It’s a three piece neck and three piece body. Made in the Indonesian plant by cort guitars in 1997-2000 I think it’s a 2001 year.. but there are discrepancies in the Ibanez wiki serial number production. (There’s conflicting information) It was definitely made in the Indonesian cort facility. But one is for 8 serial numbers the other is for ten serial numbers. This guitar has nine serial numbers. I believe it is (001220862) This one has 9 digits. I can’t find much information about 9 digit Indonesian made cort made produced by Ibanez guitar’s..
It’s a solid players guitar tho. Flat finger board. Like a les Paul. Even sounds like a les Paul. It’s definitely heavy/Rock guitar sounding!! I will even include the original ceramic pickups that were actually pretty good.. Has low action definitely a player!! It’s a great little guitar with great upgrades!! It rocks hard!! I traded a 90’s Gibson les Paul special for this guitar. Like 20 years ago when I was a kid!! Lol This Ibanez was better, it played way better!!!! It goes to show the build quality of Ibanez back then and always!! I wish I had the les Paul special now. But at the time this was and still is a better guitar then the les Paul special was. 🤷‍♂️ I do wish I would have kept that les Paul tho. This is basically a les Paul that you can actually play!! And plays great it does!! That’s why I picked it up!! Oh yeah!! It has upgraded bridge and tail piece as well!! The guitar is anything but stock. I’ll include all stock parts I have as well!! This guitar will out rock les Paul’s!! I’m not even playing!! Necks straight as a arrow!! Semi low action!!
I will accept offer’s on this one!! It will make some beginner an amazing guitar!! It’s fat sounding!! Ac/dc all of that!! If you don’t know what guitar you want. Buy a cheap one that someone has tried out! I’m guarante you’ll love it!! Sounds and plays great if you like ac/dc You will have no complaints especially with the 14 day return policy. I’m telling you this guitar will make you want to pick up the guitar and practice!! It just rocks and makes you want to tame it!! Your not going to get a better guitar for 400$ come on it has Duncan Saturday night specials and Grover tuners in it!! That’s worth 300$ alone plus my time setting this beast up !!You’ll love it! You can part this guitar out and get your money back out of it for this low price!!