Ibanez DiMarzio Premium RG920QMZ 2011 + Hard Case

$ 896.62

$1300 ONO

Perfect working order, no mechanical problems. Has been used many times for live gigs back in 2019, and also 2022, and has never failed me. Haven’t been playing it since 2022 as I wanted to upgrade and bought a new guitar

Excellent condition besides Chipped edge near the input at back (see image). A few small cracks around the input due to this, which is only a cosmetic issue. A couple of tiny scratches around the guitar, which I’ve taken pictures of

Guitar strings are still on but have been used and not replaced for 1 year

Exceptional lead guitar, very versatile. Easy to explore the fretboard due to its long and spacious design.

Whammy bar included, works great!

Lightweight and easy to move around with whilst standing up

Aesthetic design, with a long, light coloured maple neck

Comes with black Ibanez hard case:

– Furry interior

– internal compartment

– 2 outer zipper pockets

– Great condition, just a few frayed corners (see image)

Comes with Instruction Manual