Ibanez Destroyer 7 String Japan RG Gotoh Schaller Seymour Duncan Sentient Omega Coil Split Case MIJ

$ 1599.00

This is a very rare custom Japanese made Ibanez Destroyer 7 String Guitar, I Bought from an old friend who traveled and collected guitars.
I don’t know much other than the neck is a Japanese RG Neck, the serial is a valid serial.
It seems to be made in the 90s, but I cannot find any info on the Japanese Ibanez guitars.
It is a 1 of a kind guitar I believe.

I’ve had it for 4 years and have played the hell out of it, but only in my home studio.
I’ve mostly used it as a lead/solo/finger tapping guitar in certain songs, and thought it would make an awesome
music video guitar since its a 1 of a kind. But never got around to that lol.

The body is a very heavy, which makes me think it might be mahogany.
The neck is very light so this is guitar tends to tilt up when hanging from your shoulder.

The neck is very thin, with VERY low action, and satin smooth.
Gotoh Locking Tuners in All Black
Schaller Strap Locks
Hipshot bridge
GraphTech TUSQ Nut
Seymour Duncan Sentient in the neck with Push/Pull coil split
Seymour Duncan Omega in the bridge with Push/Pull coil split
Green Stained Burntwood Fade-to-Black High Gloss Finish

includes strap and set of strings.

There are definitely flaws, circled in the pics, but there is no major damage, they look to be flaws in the finish, and chipping of the clear coat.

I would advise against putting strings any heavier than 11-65. But do whatever you want once it is yours.