Ibanez Bob Weir 2681 1976 Natural

$ 4000.00

Rare 1976 Ibanez Bob Weir Professional model 2681 with Tree of Life fingerboard/headstock inlay.
The 2681 is basically a deluxe version of the 2680 Bob Weir signature model of the 70’s. The guitar is made of solid ash and is quite heavy, which contributes to its tone and sustain characteristics. The guitar is in great shape for the most part. The pickup mounting rings are cracked and there are some cracks in the binding, but they seem stable and have not been a problem for the 40 years of it’s existence . The solder joints look to be untouched in case you are expecting to see the flying finger on the pickup covers. Not all of the Super 70’s had them. All in all, a very collectible guitar for a relatively reasonable price.