Ibanez AT10P-SB Andy Timmons Premium Signature Electric Guitar Sunburst

$ 1011.95

Weight: 8.18 lbs
Condition: Very good with some signs of use, comes in original hard case.

The AT10P is a solid body electric guitar model introduced by  in 2013. It is a  model of American guitarist . It was produced in Indonesia as part of the  line and is a mass-produced version of Timmon’s .

The  body shape is used for the AT10P but in terms of specifications it more closely resembles a  than a typical RG. It features an alder body bolted to a titanium reinforced maple neck with a 22-fret maple fingerboard with black dot position markers. Components include a Wilkinson WV6  bridge with only 4 of 6 screws installed,  pickups with a standard  in the bridge position and two single-coil sized humbuckers in the middle and neck positions and a Graph Tech TUSQ nut.