Ibanez AS2000 – BS (#034)

$ 2297.41

The Ibanez Prestige series combines cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with world-renowned Japanese craftsmanship and precision. Bolstering this lineup is the gorgeous AS2000-BS Artstar, a beautifully-made, medium-sized semi-hollow instrument that will captivate jazz and blues guitarists with its warm, airy tone and luxurious playability.

With an incredible feature-set comprising Ibanez’s Super 58 pickups, a rock-solid 3-piece Mahogany/Roasted Maple neck and Gotoh 510 tuners.

The Artstar AS2000 has a vintage voice, courtesy of the two Super 58 humbuckers. The Alnico III magnets and winding technique yield a vintage-style sound that sounds like the semi-hollows of yore. And for an extra helping of sustain, the pickups are mounted directly in the center block. Your AS2000 is equipped with a Tri-sound switch to unlock three different pickup “voices.” The Super 58 humbuckers can be used in series, parallel, and single-coil operation, opening the door for you to explore an entire universe of sounds.

The Ibanez AS2000-BS is a high-end guitar made for the most serious of musicians.

Product Details:

  • Serial number: F2335034
  • Weight: 4.096 kg
  • Year of production: 2023

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