Ibanez AR520HFM Hollowbody Electric Guitar – Light Blue Burst, Demo

$ 650.00

This guitar is a demo piece from our Ibanez rep. Guitar is mint condition with no signs of wear from use. No gig bag is included.

The Ibanez Standard 6-String Electric Guitar is designed for players that adore the solid body style of the Ibanez but want to give their signal a little hollow body personality. The chambered maple/okoume body of this guitar has a carved maple top that offers supreme playing comfort.

With the guitar held in the playing position, there are two knobs located near the lower edge of the body. The one close to the neck is the volume knob and the other is the tone knob. There is also a three-way pickup selector switch oriented closer to the neck relative to the knobs. There are two switches toward the lower bout of the guitar. The switch closest to the bridge is the tri-sound switch for the neck pickup, while the other is the tri-sound switch for the bridge pickup.

Gibraltar Performer Bridge

The Gibraltar Performer bridge provides rich sustain and tuning stability.

The low-positioned saddles promise comfortable playability.

2 Tri-Sound Switches
By giving each humbucker 3 different sounds, Tri-Sound switches expand your guitar’s versatility.

Quik Change Classic Tailpiece
The Quik Change Classic tailpiece enables faster and easier string changing.

Super 58 Pickups
The Super 58 pickups feature moderate output and vintage tone

Jatoba Fretboard
The Jatoba has a reddish brown color which produces a rich mid-range with a crisp high end.