Ibanez AR325 2013 – Red Translucent

$ 599.00

Mint condition Rare Ibanez AR325 in the gorgeous Transparent Red Bubinga top.

This limited color was only available in 2013.

Comes with a custom fit locking Ibanez hard case. Brand new Ernie Ball .09 strings

It has a mahogany body, set-in maple neck, rosewood fretboard, pearl/abalone inlays, and Super 58 humbuckers. The 2 separate Tri-Sound switches (serial, single coil, parallel) for each pickup give the guitar a great tonal versatility for Jazz, Blues, Rock and Metal.

This is the modern version of the classic Artist series from the late 70’s and early 80’s, such as the AR2619 and AR300. These guitars were some of Ibanez’s earliest original designs and built to compete with Gibson Les Pauls. Their craftsmanship and tonal versatility gave them the nickname “Les Paul killer.” With the Tri-Sound switches, they were able to match Les Pauls, but also move beyond into other tonal spectrums.