Ibanez AMF73-BK Artcore 2010 – 2011 – Black

$ 975.00

Up for sale is a 2011 Ibanez AMF73 with the following upgrades:

RTO surface-mount tremolo mounted to existing factory holes.

Hipshot locking tuners.

GraphTech XL nut.

Neck has had the frets decked, radius, and polished for exceptional playing.

Shown in one picture is one small crack coming from the corner of the left top pickup ring. Simply minor cosmetic detail keeps this from listing as Mint condition. Please check out the demo video. The RTO vibrato/tremolo bridge always improves the quality of the tone and sustain. Every string has 5 points of contact within the vibrato. NO lifting when bending strings, exceptional tune stability from this fully floating Patented design. It features a push-in pull-out lever that can also be adjusted on length by moving the tip front or back. And it has adjustments for tension, as to how easy the arm moves back and forth. This bridge will outlast the guitar, it uses the finest materials including low friction, high load, ceramic/steel hybrid bearings on the main pivot. All stainless steel and 6061 alloy only add approximately 5 ounces of weight. You can find us on Facebook: RTO Guitar and Tremolo

Or our YouTube channel with 30 demo videos type in search: RTO Guitar and Tremolo or tommytu3

both will bring our channel up. Thanks for checking this special guitar out. All work is guaranteed and backed by RTO.