Ibanez AG75-BS Artcore with Rosewood Fretboard 2002 – 2017 – Brown Sunburst

$ 290.00

Really good guitar for a variety of styles.
I used this as my main guitar during jazz school, so you know it was used and loved. It has signs of wear. The are some scratches on the front right of the guitar that can been seen in the pictures I took.
The case looks really bad, but that means it did its job haha.

BE AWARE: the volume works but it’s not super smooth. It goes from silence to sound kind of abruptly.
AND the 13th fret is warped so there will be some fret buzz. Only on that fret though. Everything else sounds and plays good.

All sales final.

Please ask all questions before buying or making an offer.

I’m only going to have this for local pickup at the moment….but if you really want me to ship it, we can talk about It.

Thanks for looking.