Ibanez 540R Five Alarm Red: Live full, die empty. 1988

$ 1695.00

I suppose I can go on about this being the predecessor of the Joe Satriani model or perhaps I can ramble on about how rare it is to find one in this color. Overplayed right? I know. How about taking a left-on nostalgic BLVD and speaking to you about smokey bars and white rain? “White rain,Lee?” Yeah, as in those girls at the high tops with their hair teased to the heavens, with the assistance of the aforementioned product.

That’s all filler, though, isn’t it? Let’s just go old-school and speak about this guitar. This 540R DiMarzio-made pickups sounds like a surprised victim screams, running from a pit bull unhinged. The neck? Savage. The Edge Tremolo? Like an aerialist in Cirque du Soleil, and the condition? Listed as very good. Meaning, well, this is an 80s metal guitar, and we have crackle in the finish here and there and general ware, but nothing that takes away from your surfing with the alien experience. Setup? Yes, people, from the artist known as Dion.

As for the color, Ibanez did not offer this in Five Alarm Red. This was a custom order. I believe the finish is legit and no this isn’t a refin.

“Lee, look at the price, bro.” I know, but if you buy a sunburst vintage strat, you can’t expect to buy a shoreline gold one for the same amount, can you?

Just remember, kids, indecision is the thief of opportunity. Do something for yourself today. Before you become old and in the way. Live full and die empty.