Ibanez 1982 AR305AV Artist Series

$ 1364.63

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Product Details

The 1982 Ibanez AR305AV is a model from the legendary AR series that uses mahogany burl for the body top.

Ibanez was introduced as Hoshino Musical Instruments’ brand for overseas export. Around 1973, the ARTIST SERIES, a guitar project that directly reflected the player’s voice, was launched in collaboration with famous musicians.Based on a positive double cutaway body shape, the model number was changed to a four-digit number from the following year. A wide range of models will be released. After that, in 1979, the AR series with the model number AR was announced in Japan in a triumphant return after having received high praise overseas, and from this time on, it was also released as the AR series overseas. This 1982 AR305AV is a model of the AR300 released in 1979 with a mahogany burl body top and released in 1980. It features a set neck structure with a mahogany body and a mahogany neck, and the body top is also made of mahogany, giving it a milder tone than the maple top model. Controls are volume and tone for each pickup, selector toggle switch for each pickup, and tri-sound switch for each pickup. The tri-sound switch is a switch that allows you to get three types of sounds: phase out, coil tap, and normal humbucking, giving you a wide variety of sounds. This is a model that allows you to reconfirm the quality of the original construction that built the legend, such as the thin fingerboard made before 1983 and the careful and detailed binding construction.

BODY:Mahogany Burl Top/Mahogany Back
NECK:Mahogany Set-Neck
Medium Scale Neck
*Nuts and strap pins may be replaced.

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