2022 Ibanez J Custom RG8570ZKR Red Spinel w/ Japanese Karin Top Limited 1 of 9

$ 3499.99

Exotic Wood Top RG, Equipped with Edge-Zero tremolo
Limited Edition of Japan Quince Wood TOP RG j.custom

 This an absolutely stunning Ibanez J Custom Exotic Wood Series Japanese Karin top. Made for Ikebe Gakki. Only 9 produced. Mint unplayed condition. Includes all case candy (tags, Gotoh strap locks, multi-tool, manual, tremolo bar) and Ibanez folder with cerificate. 

Neck Type: RG j.custom Super Wizard 5pc Maple/Wenge neck
Body: Japanese Karin Wood (4mm) top/African Mahogany body
Fretboard: Macassar Ebony fretboard w/Tree of life inlay
Fret: Jumbo frets with j.custom fret edge treatment
Bridge: Edge-Zero tremolo bridge w/ZPS3
Neck Pickup: DiMarzio Air Norton (H) neck pickup
Middle Pickup: DiMarzio True Velvet (S) middle pickup
Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio The Tone Zone (H) bridge pickup
Hardware Color: Gold hardware
String gauge: .009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042 (D‘Addario EXL120)

Neck Dimensions
Scale: 648mm/25.5
Width at Nut: 43mm
Width at Last Fret: 58mm
Thickness at 1st: 17mm
Thickness at 12th: 19mm
Radius: 430mmR

Hard case included

◆ Color:
・ RS (Red Spinel)
Japan Quince Wood (4mm) Top & African Mahogany Body
It is one of the very rare combinations of African mahogany wood with rich mid and low frequency characteristics and Karin wood produced in Japan.
It is a similar species to paduk wood, which has a large dry specific gravity and is hard, and is sometimes used as a body top material for the base, and is characterized by a clear sound image and an aggressive sound character. There are also individuals where fine lumps can be seen, and it is a very unique precious tree.
The same material as the body material is glued to the front of the headstock. (The heather grain has its own personality.) RG

j.custom Super Wizard Shape 5pc Maple / Wenge Wood ・ This neck is completed by combining maple wood and wenge wood (both thick wood) into 5pc, aiming for a natural sound while giving sufficient consideration to the
neck strength.
Ideal for players who prefer an extremely light grip, it uses an ultra-thin Super Wizard shape that is easy to play and thin.
The neck and back have a Velvetouch finish that fits comfortably in the hand as if it were a guitar that has been played for many years.

・Makassar Ebony FingerboardThis
special fingerboard shines on the Makassar Ebony wood, which is hard and has excellent responsiveness and at the same time vertical striped heather, and the position inlay Tree Of Life, which is one of the symbols of j.CUSTOM design.

DiMarzio pickup
It is a favorite pickup choice that has been played in a wide range of genres such as contemporary, jazz, fusion, etc., not to mention hard rock and metal in combination with RG. The neck position is equipped with Air Norton, which features a clear and warm sound, the middle position is equipped with True Velvet, which features a bright and noiseless sound, and the bridge position is equipped with The Tone Zone, which features a powerful sound with a well-balanced output from high to low frequencies.

・ Gotoh Machine Head & Strap Locks

・ Limited quantity: 9 pieces

only in Japan [Edge-Zero tremolo bridge w/ZPS3]
・Edge-Zero Tremolo Bridge
It is an original design free floating tremolo with a knife edge 2-point support. It is a tremolo that inherits all the specifications and features unique to Ibanez’s original tremolo, such as a low-profile design (the height of the tremolo itself is as low as possible so that it is difficult to hit the hand when playing) and an easy-to-operate fine tuning bolt (a mechanism that adjusts the tuning that is slightly misaligned during performance).

ZPS3 (Zero Point System)
In addition to the two central springs, the system has two additional springs and a stop rod. Thanks to the tremolo unit’s constant efforts to keep it in the center position (zero point), it provides a stable environment that is not susceptible to changes in string tension. You will be able to experience the effect when changing and tuning strings, or when the strings break during play.
The system can be released by removing the stop rod and additional spring, and can also be used as a free-floating tremolo for common operation.
In addition, the main spring can be adjusted by turning the center wheel without removing the back panel, making it a truly easy-adjust tremolo.