2004 Ibanez Jem 7VWH Steve Vai EVO “one of a kind”

$ 6500.00

If you are a huge Steve Vai fan like I am this guitar could be the centerpiece of your collection.

One of kind 2004 Ibanez Jem 7VWH that has been aged and modified to be an exact creation of Steve’s real EVO. This guitar was given to me 7 years ago by a dear friend and now that friend needs help. This is been a pinnacle of my guitar collection as Steve Vai has been one of my favorite guitarist since 1990 when I first started playing guitars.

So I’m crystal clear, this is a real 2004 Ibanez Jem 7VWH that was aged and modified by a Master Builder from the Fuji Factory. This is not part of the 100 guitars Ibanez produced but this is real Ibanez Jem.

Feel free to reach out with questions.

Year : 2004
Factory : Made in Japan, Fujigen Factory
Front : Aged Dimarzio Evolution with Black poles
Middle : Aged Dimarzio Evolution
Rear : Aged Dimarzio Evolution with Black poles
Control : 5 way selector / 1 Vol / 1 Tone
Knobs :
Aged knobs
The ‘Tone’ volume knob just like Vai’s
Accessories :
Aged Dimarzio clip lock strap
Graphite Ibanez tremolo bar
Case : Premium Flight Case with customize fit only for EVO
Tuners :
Aged Gotoh in Cosmo Black
Steve Vai style Head pick holder
Body : Alder / All relic job’s done just like Vai’s EVO
Neck : Maple with Rosewood fingerboard
Bridge :
– Ibanez Original Edge in Aged Cosmo Black
– Original Ibanez Backstop installed

More info about Steve Vai’s ‘EVO’ and this guitar…

• EVO is the most famous gear of Vai’s. All the Vai’s fans know about the EVO well and it’s the most sought after model. Evo is vai’s most favorite gear and he’s been using EVO most often since 1993.

• The Ibanez JEM line is considered Vai’s signature guitar line. Around 1993 he recalls that he wanted to design a “Jem that had a classic look to it,” and out of this came the JEM7VWH.

• Vai was sent four production models when they came out and started playing them all in an effort to decide which one to use on a longer-term basis. According to Vai, “guitars are like snowflakes in that it seems like there are no two that are exactly alike,” so it was important to him to select one which fit his playing best.

• Around the same time Dimarzio also sent him several pickup prototypes, of which one design was selected and dubbed “Evolution”. Vai then named his favourite of the guitars “Evo” (after the pickups installed in it) so that he could easily distinguish between his aesthetically identical guitars.

• Vai has played Evo since before the recording of Sex & Religion in 1993.

About ‘More than EVO’

 – Why we made it?

• It was only 100 made

• We’re big mania of Ibanez, so we bought it. Then we totally disappointed with it.

• When I opened the box, it was not like Vai’s real EVO.

• Vai’s EVO has been played over 23 years, and it’s aged very much.

• The 2012 Ibanez EVO has all the dents & scratches, but it still looks like “NEW” one.

• They made only ‘dents & scratches’ on the NEW guitar.

• Vai’s EVO has been discolored very much, with aged hardwares, pickups, tapes, knobs and pickguard.

• However, Ibanez didn’t relic the parts well.

• Fender is very well known for ‘relic’ series, and they do it very well.

• But this EVO was the first & last relic job of Ibanez, and Ibanez is not good at relic.

• So we made relic job with a Ibanez Jem7vWH, more like to be Vai’s EVO.

• That’s why this project is named ‘More than EVO’

Flight hardcase

  • Flight hardcase with customized foam inside made only for this EVO.
  • It looks very fine and simultaneously it will keeps your EVO very safely.

  Aged body and pickguard

• One of the most important thing of EVO is the aged body and pickguard.

• Unlike Vai’s other jem, EVO’s body and pickguard has been discolored to be ivory.
• Our masterpiece ‘More like EVO’ has been aged 100% same with Vai’s EVO.

  “Covered” Tremolo bar

  • The tremolo bar is not usual one. It’s very special ‘covered’ one just like Vai’s gear.

  • It gives you perfect touch of grip when using heavy play with tremolo bar.

  • Also it’s super light, even lighter than not covered one.

  Dimarzio Evolution with Black poles

  • Vai’s EVO was installed with Dimarzio Evolution with black poles.

  • Black poles match great in consistency with black hardwares of EVO.


  • Vai uses tapes on the pickups so that the E strings won’t get trapped on the pickup when heavy picking.

  • The tapes are 100% same one with Vai’s one, and aged job was done just like Vai’s EVO.

  The ‘EVO’ letters

  • The EVO letter is 100% same size, same font with Vai’s one.

The ‘TONE’ volume knob

• The ‘TONE’ letter was erased and knob’s aged – 100% with Vai’s EVO

  The aged tone knob

• Metal knob and aged job’s done, 100% same with Vai’s EVO.

  The ‘EVO’ tape

• EVO tapes on the side with green tape.

  The scratches

• There are many many dents and scratched one the Vai’s EVO.

• ‘More like EVO’ has duplicated all the dents & scratches of Vai’s EVO. It was the hardest job !!

• Even very every tiny scratches were duplicated one by one, and it was very very time-consuming job !!

  The head pick holder

 • Headpick holder was made 100% with Vai’s one.

  The cirle velcro

  • Cirle-shaped velcro is attached just like Vai’s EVO.

  The big cracks

• There are 2 significant cracks one the Vai’s EVO

• We did the crack jobs only on the finishes, not on the wood.

• So it doesn’t affect the sound or stability of tune.

    The back stop

  • Ibanez back stop installed, just like Vai’s EVO.

  • Ibanez back stop gives you more stability when using hard-tremolo play.

  • It was discontinued many many years ago and very hard to get.


  • Vai’s EVO has many dents on the side of body due to heavy playing.

• ‘More like EVO’ has duplicated all the dents and tiny scratches, and it’s 100% same with Vai’s EVO.