2000 Ibanez Rg7620 neck, 7420 body

$ 250.00

Clearing out some spare parts. I intended to do a full build with this guitar, but I just don’t have the time. If your up for a project with oem parts this may be for you. 2000 oem rg7620 neck, full scalloped fingerboard, paint removed from headstock as I was going to match to body color. Truss rod functions as it should and the neck is straight. The neck was thinned to 17.9mm at 1st fret, 20mm at 12. If you don’t like a thin neck this is not for you. The body is an oem 7420 body in magenta crush. Edge lo-pro was installed when this guitar was in original form. However the guy that drilled the holes for the edge threaded inserts caused damage to the holes when drilling. Despite how it looks the edge trem did work perfectly. If you know how to work with wood you’ll know how to fix this. If you have to pay someone to fix the trem holes this is probably not worth your time or money. Other than general wear( a few chips ) there’s no other damage to the body. The neck fits the neck pocket snugly and all 4 bolts lines up.