1999 Ibanez RG7620 Royal Blue Road Worn Relic Vintage 7-String Dimarzio Modded Korn

$ 900.00

Touring used Ibanez RG7620.

Comes with many mods.
Dimarzio PAF 7 pickups.
Dunlop straplocks.
1 volume knob with a 2 way switch.
Lo-TRS 7 tremolo (tremolo sits on cavity and acts as a blocking mechanism)
Korn K-7 aluminum backplate (rare)
No truss rod cover.
Decal on body is removable with no issues, stickers on backplates.

Control cavity was heavily cooper shielded.

Neck was slightly sanded down to remove some of the glossy finish.

Guitar has many dings, dents and gouges that were covered up or are visible.

Heavy workhorse with a huge sound.