1997 Ibanez RG7620 MIJ Blue – See Photos!

$ 600.00

Made in Japan. I’ve had this for a few months. It’s great, but I just purchased another 7 string that suits me more and I don’t really need two 7 strings with floating bridges. The stock pickups were replaced with white DiMarzio Evolution 7 and Blaze pickups. Whoever did the wiring didn’t do a great job, but all of the switching options work fine. The tremolo block was replaced with an FU Tone brass block. The tone knob was destroyed at some point. See last 2 photos for damage as seen from the electronics cavity and the body. this was covered by a sticker when I purchased. I have replaced the sticker with another one after taking the photo of the damage. Some small dings on the neck in two areas but nothing that has affected my playing. There is a small crack on the neck pocket that looks to be finish related. Again, nothing that has affected playability, but I want to be transparent. Does not come with a case or a trem cavity plate, but with be double boxed and packed safely.