1991 Ibanez RG770 with heavy upgrades

$ 1000.00

Player Grade (dubbed Steve’Vai Ray Vaughan) 1991 RG770 with FUtone upgrades. (Large brass block; purple saddle blocks; blue bridge screws; brass fine tuners; purple locking nut screws; gold locking nut plates). The block makes a massive difference in feel and tone. It also has 500k pots & a USA blade switch. Guitar is professionally shielded & frets have been dressed. It’s been professionally set up.

The body and headstock have paint chips. It needs to be refinished. I think it looks dope or else I would have just had it refinished. There’s a small chip in the binding at the 20th fret but it does not affect playability. Again, I personally think the guitar looks cool in its current state.

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•Does NOT ship in a hardshell case.