1991 Ibanez RG560 Black MIJ

$ 945.00

Really nice example of an 1991 Ibanez RG560. There is some light buckle rash on the back and some light scratches here and there but for the most part the guitar is in great shape given many of these were abused. I took pictures of what I felt was the most cosmetic damaged areas but please ask for more photos of a specific area if you need them.

This is a survivor. Everything including the Wizard neck is original as far as I know besides the pickup’s. However, the original pickups are included with the guitar. The pickups currently in it are DiMarzio. The neck is a DP-422 Paul Gilbert Injector and the bridge is a DP-195 PAF Master and I can’t remember what model the middle PUP is. Comes with original case with no broken latches. Thanks for looking.