1986 Ibanez Roadstar II RG420DX Deep Wine Finish

$ 900.00

Lightly used, very good to excellent condition for it’s age, 1986 Ibanez Roadstar II RG420DX in Deep Wine finish. Has had a complete professional fret job and all frets were replaced with jumbo stainless steel fret wire, new electronics, electronic cavity is completely copper foil shielded, pickups are Duncan SH-11 Custom Custom in the bridge and a Sh-1 ‘59 in the neck original Ibanez Edge tremolo is floating and currently setup and intonated and tuned to drop B with Ernie Ball 11-54s, has Dunlop straplocks installed and comes with strap with locks installed original trem bar and trem cavity backplate with 6 non original screws.

Comes with original 80’s Grey chainsaw hardcase. Original pickups and electronics/knobs/V strap pins not included. This year IMO are the best of the best when it comes to value/playability/reliability. Once you have your tuning and string gauge dialed, it’s basically set it and forget it. Dive bomb or Dimebag squeal-y your heart out and you’ll still be in tune. This particular guitar has some of the best neck wood figuring I’ve come across in the nearly 30 1986 models I’ve owned over the years.

Why buy a new Indonesian made Schecter/LTD/Charvel/Jackson with sub par tremolos for 1200 or Korean made guitars, still with sub par terms for 1500 when you can get a Fujigen Golden Era, Prestige quality instrument with the best Floyd style trem on the market, the Original Ibanez Edge (and/or Ibanez LoPro Edge, 2nd best IMO) for much less. And it’s vintage to boot!
Sold As-Is