1986 Ibanez RG 410 Roadstar II Japan

$ 675.00

This old RG was one of the first models to be equipped with the Lo-Pro tremelo that Ibanez still uses today. The gentleman I purchased this guitar from was a pro player. There is significant pick wear on the body below the high E string. Please look at all the photos closely. This guitar has scratches and dings, but it is still a great player. I just put on a new set of strings and it sounds great. The whammy bar is not original and it’s pretty tight inserting and removing, but it works well. I love the raw feel and look of the backside of the guitar neck. The original owner also swapped out the original pickup for this Seymour Duncan (I do not have the original Ibanez pickup). This Seymour Duncan has a push/pull pot that gives you a single coil option in addition to humbucking. I will include this vintage Japanese case that fits the RG snug. Thanks for looking.