Gretsch TK-300 Natural

$ 2554.04

        Gutted to be selling my beloved Gretsch TK300 guitar from the 70’s. It plays fantastically easily and sounds fantastic. All parts are original including the pickups which are fantastic! It comes with the original case which as you can see from the pictures is amazing! Neon green felt inlay! Also inside the pocket of the case it’s lined with Faux alligator skin material! They knew what they were doing back then! Rumour had Adrian Belew played one of these at one point. Also rumour had it at the time Gretsch purists absolutely hated these guitars as it was too much of a departure from their normal models. Personally i love the aesthetic of this guitar and think the headstock is fantastic! Kind of Sci Fi. 

I will package this guitar thoroughly and send it via DPD or Royal Mail. Ideally i’d ship it fully insured but that’s up to you.

Feel free to ask any questions