Gretsch Monkees 6123 1967 Red

$ 4850.00

1966 The Monkees came on TV and I immediately had new heroes ! Mike Nesmith with his tobagon and Peter and Davy all playing different Gretsch and Guild instruments ….they had great songs as most of their songs hold up quite well on classic radio. Gretsch had already had success with guitars on TV with the Beatles so why not make a Monkees model the same color has their GTO convertible custom car ?? This is a great guitar in great shape …it probably needs a neck set as these era Gretsches do it seems quite often …or you could get creative with the floating bridge thickness ..electronically the guitar works great !!! It does have the master volume, pickup selector, tone selector, bridge volume, neck volume, and the standby switch. Two Gretsch Supertron pickups !