Gretsch G6136DS White Falcon White [SN JT05118419] (05/31)

$ 3160.60

Rare Gretsch discontinued, top-of-the-line G6136DS White Falcon model is in stock.
Laminated maple body, maple neck, ebony fingerboard, Cadillac tailpiece, and synchro-sonic bridge.
The pickups are equipped with Dynasonic. The clear sound character of the Dyna-Sonic combined with the floating sound of the 17-inch body produces a unique sound that cannot be found anywhere else.
The peeling of the plating and moderate damage create a nice atmosphere, and it is a nice piece that has both austerity and cuteness.

The nut has been replaced.
The paint is slightly yellowed. Some small paint chips can be seen on the body.
There are many metal parts with peeling plating, scratches, and dents, showing signs of use.
The neck is slightly wavy, but there are no problems with the playing condition.

Item Rank|B : Some scratches, but no problem in normal use.

Serial number|JT05118419
Year of manufacture|2005
Country of manufacture|Japan
Case|Non-genuine hard case
Truss rod: No problem, confirmed up to 60 degrees on both sides of the rod.
Fretboard: Still can withstand cutting, but the frets are low.
String height (bass string side)|2.3mm above 12th fret
String height(treble string side)|1.8mm above 12th fret
Nut width|43.0mm
Neck thickness(near 1st fret)|20.9mm
Neck thickness(near 12th fret)|-
SCALE|648mm (25.5″)
RADIUS|254mm (10″)
Strings in setup|D’Addario EXL110 / .010-.046 set
Modified parts|-
Repair/Maintenance parts|Cleaning, string change, rod adjustment, octave adjustment, string height adjustment, nut change


Item Rank
B : Some scratches, but no problem for normal use

12 months old

Serial No.

Year of manufacture

Country of manufacture

Non-genuine hard case

-Hard case


Truss Rod
No problem, as checked up to 60 degrees to the left and right of the rod.

Remaining frets
There is a note that it can still withstand cutting, but the frets are low.

String height (bass string side)
2.3mm above the 12th fret

String height (treble string side)
1.8mm above 12th fret

Nut width

Neck Thickness (near 1st fret)

Neck Thickness (near 12th fret)
-Neck Thickness (near 12th fret)

648mm (25.5″)

254mm (10″)

Strings for setup
D’Addario EXL110 / .010-.046 set

-Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance
Cleaning, string replacement, rod adjustment, octave adjustment, string height adjustment, nut replacement


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