Gretsch G5622T Electromatic 3-Pickup TV Jones Upgraded 2015 – 2016 Georgia Green

$ 775.00

 Beautiful Gretsch Electromatic 5622T With Bigsby, and Upgraded all 3 pups to TV Jones. The owner had these pickups ordered, and installed by a local Music Store, and it looks to be a Very “pro” job. Well done,.. although he couldnt get all 3 pups in the Exact same finish,.. so the mid and Neck are much shinier,.. and the bridge looks to be a Satin. But They SOUND AMAZING,… Flawless guitar, Excellent action, Amazing SOund!! Comes in the bag, pictured,.. and double wrapped/Boxed. Fast shipping,..  
 I know, from first hand experience,.. How hard it is to purchase a guitar online,.. That you havent actually had in Your hands. I can Guarantee you,.. This one will NOT Disappoint! It is a joy to play,.. and like I stated,.. nearly flawless.

Thanks for looking…As per usual,..All ITEMS ( Instruments) considered vintage or
used. Most likely have been around cigarette or cigarpipe smoke,
incense, cats, dogs, peanuts, handguns, or other common triggers..ect..
  can be picked up,played,or admired in Person at Yesteryore Devices.
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