Gretsch G5622T-140 140th Anniversary Electromatic Double Platinum Center Block 2023 – Present – Two-Tone Stone Platinum / Pearl Platinum

$ 550.00

I am really sad to let this one go, but it hurts my wrists so much I can’t justify keeping it. It sucks getting old so you kids make sure to take care of your wrists and eat healthy!!!

Like all Gretsch’s the action is low and the neck is comfortable. The tuning keys are decent and the Bigsby is usable as long as you remember it’s a Bigsby not a Floyd Rose. They are meant to wiggle not bomb. The build quality is very good for an import with the exception of one small paint blemish outlined below.

Like I said I really enjoyed this guitar in the short time I’ve had it, but my wrists just can’t deal with the upper frets and neck joint anymore.

Does not come with gig bag or case.

There is a small paint defect that is visible in the last photo where the binding and neck meet the body. A white marker will take care of that, it just didn’t bother me enough to worry about.