Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body Single Cutaway with Bigsby 2017 – Present – Fairlane Blue

$ 784.61

I bought this new Feb2019. I love it and it looks beautiful – however I dont really play it enough to justify keeping it. I have 3 acoustics and 3 electrics so its getting a bit daft,

My idea of getting a hollow body is that I would pick it up and make up songs on it – it would be spontaneous and loud enough to not need amplifying which is true to an extent. However, since buying it I have got much more into acoustic -so tend to default to using that.

On stage it looks really good ! It is a nice option to use for rhythm playing – as you get a nice acoustic-like jangle and the more complex hollow-body sound for chords/strumming (compared to electric ) but the ability to do lead stuff too – though not so much bending strings I find as the strings are more heavy.

It sounds best I think through a slightly clipped valve amp rather than super clean.

I would rather not post it as it’s a risk but I do have a nice ‘guitar posting box’ I bought . . so I think this should be as safe as it’s possible to be. I will make sure strings loosened off etc