Gretsch G3110 Historic Synchromatic Archtop w/vintage DeArmond Dynasonics

$ 1500.00

A classic Gretsch reissued in the late 90s to 2002. Hard to date accurately because during these 3 years they did not have a proper serial number protocol, but is believed to be a first year reissue 1999. Vintage DeArmond Dynasonic pickups installed! Replaced the DeArmond 2000s (not 2Ks) with real vintage DeArmond Dynasonics circa 1960s (off of a Martin electric). If you would rather have the original DeArmond 2000s re-installed, make me a fair offer and I could re-install them. My listed price includes the Dynasonics and a hard case.

Neck is straight and frets show very little wear. Gold plating is fading and/or worn in places. I believe the original owner, I am the second owner, may have been overzealous with the cleaning of the hardware, then again, I have seen gold plating fade over time from basic cleaning and touching.

Beautiful sunburst finish with some nice flame on the neck too.  Clear spruce top. Has metal jack plate, which I don’t believe is original to these guitars, but it looks right and makes for a solid and less likely to break jack connection. Hairline finish stress crack on the neck joint, but is cosmetic only. Set up with half-round 11s and sound very nice.

Not many of these floating around, especially in this condition and with real vintage Dynas installed!