Gretsch G2655T Walnut Stain with TV Jones Pickups and GOTOH Locking Tuners

$ 645.00

Gretsch G2655T Walnut Stain with TV Jones Pickups and GOTOH Locking Tuners

This one’s unique and ready for stage or studio.  Modded up and yet barely driven, this Bigsby equipped Streamliner is stacked “under the hood” with a serious tonal spectrum.

Its new pickup setup is loosely modeled after the Fender American Performer Tele with an SH configuration.  In the “S” bridge position sits the TV Jones HT single coil.  From TV Jones site: “Twangy, clanky single-coil goodness with a touch of natural midrange. The TV-HT is designed to produce twangy bass and crisp highs perfect for that old school sound, but also surprisingly cool with a lot of gain (due to its low output and translucent clarity).” In the “H” Neck position sits the TV Jones Magna’Tron.  From the TV Jones Site: “The Magna’Tron blends single-coil twang with unique Filter’Tron & DeArmond influence. Although it can sound just like a single-coil, it is built with two coils (humbucking). The dual-coils provide a hint of compression on the high-end and no 60-cycle hum.  One part of the recipe that makes the Magna’Tron so special is its staggered cylinder Fender-style magnets.”

Together these pups expand the semi-hollow, center block sonics of this Streamliner into a wide variety of tones.  Although it sounds wonderful going straight into a tube amp, it invites the pedal addict to place whatever they want in the chain.  While the Magna’Tron offers a sweet “hint of compression” on its own, this guitar responds well to any amount of external compression, up to and including some Nashville Twang.  Run it through overdrive, distortion, delay and reverb effects and see if you’re not hearing a semi-hollow Tele.  In summary, it can deliver a broad spectrum of Rock, Country and Blues, clean or dirty, scorching leads or solid rhythm progressions that sit in the mix with a band, take your pick.

Disclosure: It’s widely known the stock Streamliner has a reputation for frequent retuning when using the Bigsby or any serious bending.  Here’s where the gold GOTOH locking tuners come in.  I’ve mostly used D’Addario 10/46’s and before I installed the GOTOH’s, it did require regular retuning of the D, G and B strings.  After the lockers were installed and a little machine oil (barely one drop, use a toothpick) on each slot of the bridge, retuning was not necesssary.  I also use the old pencil/graphite trick on the nut when re-stringing.  It’s currently strung up with D’Addario nickel wound 9/46’s for BBK style, 1 ½ step bends.  Now, with gentle to average Bigsby use combined with a few aggressive bends the tuning is still stable.

Neck dive is also mentioned with the Streamliner.  I wear my strap old school going to the headstock behind the nut and didn’t notice the neck dive.  A strap with some friction around the players back may help based on what I read in forums.Overall, seems manageable.

A quick note on the stock G & B Broad’trons (included with purchase).  They’re great pickups, even to full overdrive when you cook your tubes and dig in.  But for my taste, I was hoping for something a little brighter with less grungy and muddy mids.  I guess I was looking for more of a spectrum of tones.  Hence, the move to the current TV Jones combo.  This set up definitely achieved that goal.

“Okay, great…so why are you selling it?”  I’m moving into a different genre and need to make room for a different guitar.  But mainly, I know this guitar won’t get the playing time it deserves in my possession so…we must part ways.  I’ll miss it for sure, I think it’s a great guitar, it’s got eye candy appeal, very playable and sounds great.  It can be a serious workhorse for a gigging and/or studio player.  I purchased it in 2018 in Mint Condition from Street Sounds in Brooklyn, NY (licensed Gretsch dealer).  The last 2 years I’ve been focused on acoustics and have neglected the Streamliner.  Now I’m moving to a full hollow body electric in a Jazzier direction.

Pricing: I‘m happy to chat if you’re interested or want to make an offer.

Currently a stock Streamliner in excellent condition without a case seems to be between $350 and $450.This one is very lightly used with very minor finish scratches, stored exclusively in the case with humidifier, no fret wear, fretboard has been conditioned, action is at factory settings for the 9/46 strings, relief is proper with no fret buzz and intonation is good.

I’m not trying to recover everything from the upgrades but feel they count for something.

Pricing Breakdown: Looking for half what I paid for the Tuners – $40. half for the pair of TV J’s – $145.  A little for the case $25.  The guitar itself – $420.  And a little help with shipping and packaging – $15.

What’s in the Box:

2655T Streamliner in the Gretsch hard case

Original Gretsch Tuning Machines in the GOTOH package with instructions.

The Original Broad’Tron pickups and rings in the TV Jones boxes with install/wiring instructions.

Set of D’Addario Nickle Wound XL 10’s so you can immediately dump the 9’s if you want.

All check out paperwork from original purchase from Street Sounds.

All receipts from the upgrades except the case ($100).

If you’ve read this far you must be somewhat curious about this guitar.  Last tidbit for those who believe in the existential relationships between music, instruments and players (Mojo?).  While on a road trip, I very lightly dusted (blessed) the guitar f-holes and the case with a few grains of sand from the Tennessee River in Muscle Shoals, Alabama; where many of America’s greatest hits were recorded.  So, it has that going for it…which is nice.  Yeah, I’m a silly romantic.

Thanks for reading.