Gretsch 6193 Country Club Blonde 1956

$ 10730.33

In 1951 Gretsch introduced the 6192 and 6193, then known as the Electro II, and intended to compete with Gibson’s L5 CES introduced the same year. In 1954 these models were given the name ‘Country Club’, with the 6192 being the sunburst version and the 6193 being the Natural variant. The model quickly became a favorite among musicians for its stylish appearance and versatile sound.

The 6193 Country Club embodies the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with a solid maple body, a natural finish and refined details such as the Grover Sta-Tite tuners and the Melita Synchro-Sonic bridge. This guitar features the iconic DeArmond single-coil pickups, which provide a bright, sparkling tone suitable for a wide range of musical styles, from jazz and blues to rockabilly and rock ‘n roll.

This Gretsch was built in 1956, but you certainly can’t tell at first glance! The guitar has clearly been owned by one or more enthusiasts who have taken good care of the guitar. The guitar features the original hardware and pickups, and is in excellent condition. The lacquer still shines beautifully and has signs of play that reveal that the guitar has been played neatly over the years. The gold-colored finish of the hardware is slightly weathered in places, but this does not look out of place on this beautiful vintage instrument!

To guarantee good playability of the guitar, a refret has been carried out in which the fingerboard has a compound radius from 7.25 inches to 12 inches. This makes the guitar play very smoothly and, as Berend shows in the demo, it sounds like you would expect from a vintage Gretsch!


Played by Berend Rombouts | Demo

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