Gretsch 5120T – Orange

$ 1581.08

Welcome to the listing of my extensively and ridulously expensively modified Gretsch G5120t!

Where shall we start? Perhaps with the genuine Gretsch USA BC6 Tremelo tail piece, this was an imported item at the time of fitting and cost an eye watering £370. Since we are in the general area next let’s move on to the genuine 1950’s Gretsch Me lots Synchro Sonic Bridge costing a coronary inducing £330! So anyone who has owned one of these know the pickups are ok, but sound a bit flat shall we say…£150 later and a set of GFS surf 90 pickups were fitted and now she really jingles and jangles like a true rockabilly machine. But I have tested them out through many different styles of music. And to be fair they sound pretty phenomenal for the cost regardless of genre!

A Greasy Groove custom pickguard was ordered and imported at a rather pricey £65 (pricey for a pickguard anyway!)

And the final upgrade being the Gretsch Falcon style tuners which look period correct and really set off the look of the guitar. Price on those to be confirmed as I need to find the receipt!

But needless to say…this guitar has had over £1000 spent on it NOT INCLUDING LABOUR! On top of this was a rewire while it was in for the other works which I believe was another £100 odd!

It is in beautiful condition with just 1 small ding on the underside.

I hoped to never have to sell this one. But alas, something I have been looking for has come up and I would like to sell a couple of bits to recuperate a little bit of that expense!

Comes complete with with Gator hardcase which was an additional £100 ish.

It’s a nice mid level guitar straight from factory, but with atleast £1200 spent on upgrades and accessories for it.