1961 Gretsch Corvette

$ 1495.00

Offered for sale a first-year production, completely original Gretsch Corvette. Guitar is in good shape for 62 years old. Burns tremolo, 2 good sounding original Hi Lo Trons. This first-year guitar has a blend knob instead of a switch. Brazilian rosewood fretboard.

Guitar has an old repaired crack on the back, shown. A crack in the finish is alongside. The repair is evidently quite stable, I never knew it was there until taking pictures for this ad. Some dings on the back, shown. A scratch to the left of the Burns tremelo, shown. Original celluloid pickguard shrank and cracked.

Comes with TKL hard case.

This guitar sounds great and unique, action is low, frets are good. Grab vintage for low $$$!

Difference in shipping will be rebated to seller.