Vintage Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1972 Goldtop w Embossed Covers

$ 8826.01

Now available on consignment, a well played 1972 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop with its original embossed Gibson pickup covers.

This example features the typical specs of an early 70s Les Paul Deluxe, having the pancake body construction and the 3 piece mahogany neck with the volute.

This guitar retains most of its original parts except for a replaced jackplate, tailpiece studs, and a professional refret/new nut some time ago. The guitar has its factory original pickup ring surrounds, and tailpiece stud rings which are common on early 70s Deluxe models.

Both original patent # mini-humbuckers are unopened, and the control cavity all appears untouched except for some solder touchup on the volume pots. All 4x CTS pots date to the 42nd week of ’71.

The refret shows some wear however plays very well up and down the neck. There is significant play wear as seen in the photos including greening to the original goldtop finish, and some buckle rash on the back. There are NO breaks or repairs, and Grover tuners were installed at some point. The original finish remains untouched showing no signs of touchup or overspray.

A fantastic sounding and feeling early 70s Les Paul Deluxe with a nice weight and all of the vibe. Comes in a modern TKL case (same brand as Gibson USA).

Instrument on consignment.

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