Video! “Ol’ Smokey” 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom Tobacco Sunburst

$ 10500.00

I call her “Literal Tobacco Burst” or “Ol’ Smokey.” This Les Paul Custom hung out in a Cigar shop for the past 30 years to get the patina you’re seeing! The Stories she could tell…

I know what you’re thinking – that thing must REEK! Surprisingly, it only carries a faint odor to it. I opted to not polish this one (except for the back of the neck for playability reasons) to leave that worn in look intact. If you want it cleaned, it would be quite a process to remove the tar residue.

Confirmed replaced parts: brass nut, strap button screws, missing pickup covers

Potential replaced parts: strap buttons, tone pot (1979 date,) toggle switch

Recommended replacements to take this from 85% to 100% – new bridge (current is mildly collapsed,) personalize set up (G-string has some binding issues on nut or bridge, not sure which,) level/recrown to taste. It currently plays well but some notes are choked on the high-e string around the 15th fret when set with lower action

Besides what was disclosed above, this is nearly original with 1981 dated Tim Shaw PAFs.

It has wear and tear all over – no need to type out a list on this one. You can see it in real time in my video (found in the last photo.)

Not all vintage guitars look this cool – it is something that takes time and specific conditions – I’m in no hurry to part with this, but I’ve been asked what I’d sell it for so this is my price. I’m looking for a Purple Bats in Flight Les Paul Custom if you know of one for sale.

Ships in an era-correct case in rough condition with some missing latches.