Video! 2014 Gibson Custom Shop Wildwood Spec SG Standard ‘61 Aniline Dye

$ 3899.00

This Guitar is in on Consignment. Upon delivery, please confirm with me within 48hrs everything arrived safely so I can release the funds to the owner.

The Case…

This guitar comes in its original Gibson Custom Shop hardshell case. It has some light storage and use wear as well as the occasional scuff but has just been wiped down and swept out. 9 /10 condition. Inside the compartment sleeps the COA, Pre-Pack Checklist and some other paperwork. The pickguard sticker is no longer sticky and was laid on the guard for the photos only.

The Guitar! 6lbs 3oz | .84″ – .93′ C shape neck | Balences well on a strap – I had little-to-no issues with neck dive, but that will vary on your strap and shirt

Wildwood Spec SGs are custom-ordered by Wildwood Guitars in Colorado. These get their exclusive “slightly-underwound” custombucker pickups and the woods were hand selected for things like color, grain, weight, resonance, chatoyant effect etc. This one has some pretty sweet woodgrain for an SG and is incredibly light!

This guitar has seen light use. I would call it a 9 out of 10. There are polishing swirls and picking scratches, buckle worming in the clear coat on the back and on the back plate as well as some minor scuffs/minor dings along the edges. Most of these blemishes you need to be looking at the right angle in the light to see. I did not see any broken areas of finish.

Message me for additional “unflatering” photos  that show off the detailed condition

The guitar was deep cleaned, fretboard conditioned, frets polished and new strings on 4-5-24.

Watch the great Greg Koch demo this EXACT guitar here  y