Video! 2010 Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page “Number Two” Les Paul – VOS Page Burst

$ 15999.00

The Trogly’s Guitar Show

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The Case…

This guitar comes in its original Gibosn Custom Shop case with Jimmy Page Signature print on the outside. Inside sleeps the COA and what looks to me like all the original case candy as well! Cling on Custom Shop and labels are currently on the guitar so they don’t get lost.

The Guitar! 9lbs 5oz

The Jimmy Page #2 is a really cool guitar! 4 Push Pull Pots and 2 buttons under the pickguard allow for MANY tonal opportunities – on top of that it has the “shaved” neck profile just like Jimmy Page’s. Think of it like a rounded 60s at the chording area that actually gets thinner and flatter as you go up the neck. Very unique!

It is in very good condition! Most picky collectors would be happy with this one. There are a few minor case scuffs along the edges and maybe a few small pin-sized dings here or there but very similar to how it left the factory. This is the VOS version with the light aging treatments to the hardware so it’ll have the polishing swirls from the factory. If you get it in the light just right there is a small “lighting” scratch on the back.