Stunning Quilt Gibson Class 5 8.5lbs Les Paul Amber 3D AAAAA top

$ 4440.00

This one is a real joy to play. The neck is like a slightly thinner rounded 59 profile and it’s a nice weight at 8.5lbs. As a ‘Q’ for quilt it’s a more rare Class 5 and has one of the most stunning tops I’ve seen on a Gibson. I only see Gibson Crimson and special art guitars with tops like this these days. The Class 5s, named for their AAAAA maple tops, came in a variety of wild colors but I’m glad the Custom Shop went with a simple honey-amber to show off the figuring on this one. The one-piece back has nice straight-line mahogany.

All original. It has early Burstbuckers, #1 and #2 measuring 7.9k and 8.3k. In my experience these sound better than the potted burstbuckers being put in the current Gibson USA Standards.. they definitely have a true PAF character. I believe they’d be alnico II since the alnico V ones from this era mention it on the label. Probably unpotted though I haven’t gotten any squeals even with high gain, and I play pretty close to my amp cab with no noise gate.

I couldn’t find a single blemish on the top but the nickel hardware has a bit of oxidation. I included 4 closeup pics of the top after the control cavity photo. The back is near mint as well.. no buckle worming or significant dings. There are some slight string-change scratches to the headstock. On the sides there are a couple dings near the top strap button and one by the output jack (shown after case pics). On the neck there’s a slight impression by one of the dot fret markers on the bass side (next to last pic) and a small ding to the left of the Custom Shop logo (last pic). I tried to center this wear in my pics.. anything else in the pics is just glare because the guitar’s clean and glossy.

Set up with 10’s and a hair of neck relief… barely any fret buzzing across the board even with low action. Frets are looking almost new. I can lower the tailpiece all the way down without the strings hitting the bridge and the top of the bridge pickup ring isn’t too close to the strings even with low action (unlike a lot of reissues). It has the long neck tenon and real ABR-1 with aluminum tailpiece like the reissues but these class 5’s aren’t r9s or r0s.. it’s a vintage-inspired Custom Shop line with 5A grade woods.

The original case is in excellent shape. It has a few small dings and scuffs. In my opinion these are the best Custom Shop cases.. lightweight, form-fitting and protective. The only case candy is the Custom Shop warranty card filled out from the factory “CSC5 Q” “CS50096” on January 15, 2005.