Gibson Wildwood Select Les Paul Standard ’50s 2019 – Present – Unburst

$ 2300.00

Now this is an interesting guitar. Wildwood select unburst top, with the low output pickups and 50s neck. Essentially no fret wear or any signs of use. a few minor dings here and there that I can’t tell if caused by imperfections in the finishing process or taps to the guitar. How ever they are so subtle i felt no need to put them in the photos. I can absolutly catch them on camera in the light and send over photos if you wish. Here’s where it gets interesting though.

The good: there is a gold tailpiece installed, which is actually solid brass. Was about a 350 upgrade after tax and shipping as such, but I truly can not believe how much it woke up the guitars sustain and nuance. if I didn’t have other projects first in line, I would have gotten some gold pickup covers for these gorgeous open sounding pickups, perhaps some snazzy knobs, and some strap locks. Would be a KILLER guitar.

The bad: Im not insinuating this has anything to do with the notorious quality control deficiency Gibson has been accused of having…… buuut the 7th and 9th inlays are DEFONITLY raised on one side. Noticeable while bending specifically. They are only raised to the point of annoyance, not impacting playability, but for an investment like this THEY MUST BE SANDED DOWN! I however, am not going to do it……call me lazy! I was fine putting up with the slightly jagged experience of the 7th and 9th fret. Let me knew where I was on the board!….no no, thats a joke, they MUST be dealt with.

Up to you, thanks for the look! Feel free to message with questions or request more photos.